•Green cards and Permanent Residence Status

•Adjustment of status

•Consular processing


•Family petitions

•Employment based Immigration

•Persons of Extraordinary ability

•Asylum and Refugee Immigration

Adjustment of Status and Citizenship 

•Adjustment of status


•Deportation • Removal • Appeals

•Deportation and Removal defense

•Crimes and Deportation

•Detention and Bond

•Motions to Reopen deportation/removal cases


•Relief in Federal Court or U.S. Court of Appeals

Legal Counsel for Employers

•Labor cases


•P visas

•E visas

•H and J visas

•TN (NAFTA) visas


•Relief in Federal Court or U.S. Court of Appeals

Employer Sanctions

Our firm handles all areas of immigration law. We can assist you with obtaining a green card or visa, deportation defense, or any other immigration matter. Call 214-78-9779 or contact us online.

We Handle All Visa Petitions

Socks Law Associates specializes in securing the appropriate visa for our clients. In general, there are two main categories of visas: Immigrant visas and Nonimmigrant visas. Examples of some common types of Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visas are listed below.

Immigrant Visas

·         EB-1 (priority workers)

·         EB-2 (professionals with advanced degree/people of extraordinary ability)

·         EB-3 (skilled workers, professionals, unskilled workers)

·         EB-4 (people classified as ''special immigrants'')

·         EB-5 (investors and entrepreneurs)

Non-Immigrant Visas

·         B-1 visas: temporary visa for business visitors

·         B-2 visas: temporary visitors for recreation (tourism/vacation)

·         B-1/B-2 visas: dual purpose visa for business and pleasure

·         E visas: for investors and traders

·         E-3 visas: for Australian nationals in specialty occupations

·         F visas: for students and their spouses or children

·         H-1B visas: for professional workers in a specialty occupation

·         H-2B visas: for skilled and unskilled temporary workers

·         H-4 visas: for spouses or children of H-1, H-2, or H-3 visa holders

·         K visas: for spouses, fiancés, and children of U.S. citizens

·         L visas: for international company transferees

·         O visas: for actors, actresses, singers, athletes, and people of extraordinary talent.

·         P visas: for athletes and musical groups

·         TN visas: NAFTA trade visas for people from Mexico and Canada

·         TD visas: for spouses or children of TN visa holder